Emerging Professionals are students and Associate AIA members pursuing a career in architecture as well as and recently licensed architects of 10 years or less.  AIA San Joaquin is dedicated to supporting and fostering the next generation of architects in our community.   

Join the AIA San Joaquin Yahoo page for information and updates!  It’s a great way to network with local Emerging Professionals, join study groups, ask questions and hear about local events.

Want to know what is going on at the state level for Emerging Professionals?
Click here to visit the AIA California Council Academy for Emerging Professionals.
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The National AIA web site also has extensive information and links for those who are working toward licensure or pursuing a nontraditional career.

Check out the AIA SJ Licensure page for California specific information on the licensing process.
Want to study for the ARE?  The AIA SJ has a complete set of Kaplan books and a new set of the PPI study material.  Contact the AIA SJ Associate Director, , Julie Jaurique-Chipps to coordinate checking out study material. 

Have a licensure question?  Contact the California IDP State Coordinator, Haley Gipe.    

Contact the AIA San Joaquin 2011 Associate Director, Julie Jaurique-Chipps with any questions you may have.